First meeting with His Majesty’s Ambassador (HMA)

The newly elected board of Chevening Alumni Madagascar Association recently had their first official meeting with His Majesty’s Ambassador (HMA) to Madagascar, to introduce themselves and discuss ways to strengthen the connection between the UK and Madagascar.

The meeting, which took place on April 27th, 2023, was a key milestone for the association, as it marked the beginning of a new chapter in its mission to promote the values of Chevening and contribute to sustainable development in Madagascar.

The board members, who were elected in March 2023, included several accomplished Chevening alumni with diverse backgrounds and expertise. They were keen to share their vision and plans with HMA and explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

During the meeting, HMA congratulated the new board on their election and expressed her support for their initiatives. He highlighted the importance of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and social development in Madagascar, and encouraged the association to continue promoting these values.

The board members, in turn, presented their plans and goals for the next year, which focused on capacity building, networking, community engagement, and advocacy. They also discussed potential areas of collaboration with the British Embassy, including education, environment, health, and culture.

The meeting was a productive and positive exchange, and both parties expressed their commitment to working together towards common goals. The board members appreciated the opportunity to connect with HMA and learn more about the role of the embassy in Madagascar, while HMA commended the association for their dedication and enthusiasm.

For the Chevening Alumni Madagascar Association, the meeting with HMA was a significant step towards strengthening their connection with the UK and promoting their mission in Madagascar. It was also a reminder of the importance of leadership, diplomacy, and collaboration, values that are at the core of the Chevening Scholarship programme.

As the association moves forward with its activities and initiatives, it looks forward to building on its relationship with HMA and the British Embassy in Madagascar, and contributing to a brighter future for the country and its people.

Chevening Space

On Monday 09th of October 2023, we launched the Chevening Space, to celebrate Chevening's 40 years of Excellence and our 5th Anniversary.