General Assembly to elect the new board for 2023 mandate

The Chevening Alumni Madagascar Association recently held its General Assembly to elect the new board for the next year. The event was a significant milestone for the association, as it marked the transition from the previous board and the beginning of a new chapter in its mission to promote the values of Chevening and contribute to sustainable development in Madagascar.

The General Assembly took place on March 11th, 2023, and was attended by over 20 members of the association. During the General Assembly, the outgoing board presented their report on the association’s achievements and challenges during their term, highlighting the importance of collaboration, communication, and leadership. They also expressed their gratitude to the members and partners of the association for their support and contributions.

Following the report, the members proceeded to elect the new board, which included several accomplished Chevening alumni with diverse backgrounds and expertise. The election process was transparent and democratic, allowing for fair representation and diversity.

The new board members expressed their vision and plans for the next year, which focused on capacity building, networking, community engagement, and advocacy. They also emphasized the importance of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability in their activities and initiatives.

The General Assembly was a successful and inspiring event, demonstrating the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment of the Malagasy Chevening alumni to making a positive impact on society. It also showcased the power of the Chevening Scholarship programme in fostering leadership, innovation, and excellence in Madagascar and beyond.

As the new board takes office, the association looks forward to continuing its collaboration with its members, partners, and stakeholders, and contributing to a brighter future for Madagascar and its people. The General Assembly was a reminder of the importance of community, leadership, and vision, values that are at the core of the Chevening Alumni Madagascar Association.

Chevening Space

On Monday 09th of October 2023, we launched the Chevening Space, to celebrate Chevening's 40 years of Excellence and our 5th Anniversary.