Our activities

At Chevening Alumni Madagascar Association, we are committed to promoting the values of Chevening and contributing to sustainable development in Madagascar. We organise a wide range of activities and initiatives that aim to foster leadership, innovation, and excellence among our members and partners. 


Capacity building

We believe that capacity building is essential for personal and professional growth, as well as for the development of our communities and country.

That’s why we offer various training, mentoring, and coaching programmes that cover a range of topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, and project management. We also organise workshops, seminars, and conferences that provide opportunities for learning, sharing, and networking.

In 2020 for instance, we delivered inspirational and empowering talks and workshops to the girls of Akany Avoko in December 2020.


We recognise the power of networking in creating synergies, building relationships, and unlocking opportunities.

That’s why we facilitate regular networking events, both online and offline, that bring together our members and partners from various sectors and industries. We also encourage cross-cultural exchange and collaboration with other Chevening alumni associations around the world.

Informative talks

At Chevening Alumni Madagascar Association, we understand the importance of sharing our experiences and insights about the Chevening Scholarship programme with others

We often provide information about the Chevening scholarships, either through in-person testimonials in conferences or on internet.

Our members are accomplished professionals from various sectors and industries, who have pursued their studies and careers with the support of the Chevening Scholarship. They are passionate about their fields and eager to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

ONE-on-one testimonials

Our members are eager to share their own stories, experiences, and achievements as Chevening scholars, as well as the challenges they have faced.

ONLINE-platform testimonials

We use social media, blogs, and other channels to share our members’ stories and perspectives, and to encourage dialogue and feedback.

in-person conference

Covers a range of topics including the application process, the benefits of the scholarship, the challenges and opportunities of studying abroad.

Community engagement

We believe that community engagement is key to creating positive change and impact.

That’s why we organise various community service and volunteering activities that allow our members to give back to society, promote social cohesion, and raise awareness about important issues. We also support initiatives that address the needs and aspirations of our communities, such as education, health, environment, and culture.