Our milestones

At Chevening Alumni Madagascar Association, we are proud of the achievements and milestones we have reached over the years. 


These milestones represent not only our successes, but also our commitment to our mission and values, and the dedication and hard work of our members.

Our milestones include the establishment of the association in 2018. Since then, we have grown in numbers and impact, and have become a leading association of Chevening alumni in the region.

We have also organised numerous activities and initiatives that have contributed to sustainable development and social change in Madagascar. These include training programmes, mentoring and coaching, networking events, community service and volunteering, advocacy, and cultural events.


General Assembly 2020 and elections

December 19th 2020, we held a General Assembly for the election of the new board members who will rule from January 2021 to December 2022, according to our status and rules of process.

Online Q&A 2020

October 16th 2020, some of us shared experience and testimonials about the Chevening Scholarships, in a Q&A session we held online.

Testimonials and experience sharing

September 17th 2020, one of us shared experience and testimonials at an information session organised by the British Embassy. This session was held in Diego.

Pre-departure event of cohort 2020-2021

September 05th 2020, we organised a pre-departure lunch with the new Chevening scholars for year 2020-2021, they are 8.

The previous week-end, we had an online session with the whole Malagasy Chevening community to congratulate them.

Welcoming cohort 2018-2019 during covid-19

Late March 2020, as most countries announce lockdowns in face of the covid-19 pandemic, we checked on one another through an online meet-up with the whole Malagasy Chevening community (alumni, returnees, scholars).

The online event replaces the welcoming event for cohort 2018-2019 that we planned for Early April, with outdoor activities and a luncheon. We had to cancel the in-person encounter due to covid-19 but enjoyed having the whole Chevening community online together.

International Women’s Day 2020

March 08th 2020, we celebrate the International Women’s Day by featuring our female members. Did you know that Chevening Alumni Madagascar is gender-balanced?

New Year gathering 2020

February 5th 2020, we gathered to catch up on the occasion of the new year and to resume our activities after a long holiday.

The branded caps and polos were our new year gifts.

Chevening Conference Sub-saharian Africa

Mid-November 2019, we took part to the Chevening Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, represented by our Vice-President (in white).

Youth for Development Conference

Late October 2019, we took part to the Youth For Development Conference organised by the South African Embassy Madagascar and the Global Business Roundtable.

We were represented by our two vice-presidents. The conference was held in Anosy, Antananarivo, Madagascar, followed by an evening cocktail at the Ambassador’s residency.

Welcome to UK cohort 2019-2020

Mid-October 2019, the cohort 2019-2020 are welcomed in the UK by some alumni and returning scholars.

Online Q&A 2019

Early October 2019, we held an online Q&A session about the Chevening Scholarships and the application, sharing our experience and testimonials.

Pre-departure event of cohort 2019-2020

August 28th 2019, we attended the pre-departure event of the new Chevening scholars for year 2019-2020, they are 11.

Not all alumni could attend the event so we met again, the day after. We shared tips with the new Cheveners about the Chevening life and the stay in the UK.

Testimonials and experience sharing

July 17th 2019, some of us shared experience and testimonials at an information session organised by the British Embassy. This session was held in Toamasina.

Barea celebration

July 2019, Barea, our national football team made us proud at the Africa Cup of Nations, by making it to the quarter finals. The whole Malagasy Chevening community supported them.

The Malagasy Cheveners of year 2018-2019 took this photo with Tunisia Cheveners at Alexandra Palace during their Farewell event.

Queen’s Birthday Party

June 4th 2019, we attended the Queen’s Birthday Party with the British Embassy Antananarivo, at Attenborough House.

This year celebration was themed CONSERVATION and held one day before the #WorldEnvironmentalDay. It hosted several conservation contributors.

Chevening 35th anniversary

2019, Chevening turns 35th and the global Chevening community celebrates.

In Madagascar, we celebrated on the 28th of March, a joint event with the Welcoming of cohort 2017-2018.

Welcoming event of cohort 2017-2018

March 28th 2019, the 10 scholars return from their one-year in the UK. We welcomed them with the British Embassy Antananarivo.

Here, 9 of them take a picture with HMA.

Pre-departure event of cohort 2018-2019

August 29th 2018, we attended the pre-departure event of the new Chevening scholars for year 2018-2019. The event was joint with the cohort 2016-2017 wlcoming.

Here is a photo of the 7 scholars of 2018-2019, proudly representing Madagascar at the Chevening Orientation Day.

Welcoming event of cohort 2016-2017

August 29th 2018, we attended the Welcoming event for cohort 2016-2017. The event was joint with the cohort 2017-2019 pre-departure.

Here is a photo of the 10 scholars of 2016-2017, at their Farewell event.

Creation of the association

April 21st 2018, a few Malagasy Chevening alumni meet in Antananarivo, and create the Chevening Alumni Madagascar association.

Madagascar has more than 10 Cheveners

August 2015, 13 Cheveners are selected from Madagascar. This is the highest number in a cohort for the country.

Here, 10 of the 2015-2016 cohort in front of Big Ben, London, UK.